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Can Anavar Increase Lean Muscle Mass and Build Lean Firm Muscles?

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anavar before and after

What is Anavar and What Can it Do for You? anavar

Anavar, also known Oxandrolone is slightly androgenic. It is an anabolic steroid with very low toxicity. It has a multitude of benefits to help give you the perfect body. Many people cycle with Anavar alone to get the cut and tone body they seek. 


What Results Can You Expect from an Anavar Only Cycle?

Results are subjective but most people have reported positive results. Here are some of the things you may experience using Anavar:


Some other orals are known for causing painful pumps outside of the workout. Anavar gives you the pump without the soreness and pain. 

Gaining Muscle Mass

By eating well and eating in surplus, while lifting well, you can gain up to 8-10 lbs of lean muscle in a 12-week Anavar cycle. The gains are usually devoid of water weight and pretty dry. This translates into very little loss of muscle post cycle. If you continue to eat and lift well with a PCT protocol, you will be able to retain most of the muscle you gain.


Anavar will boost your strength and agility. You will be faster and will be able to lift better during the cycle. Oxandrolone is also considered to be great for connective tissue and joints. This helps the body heal faster. The strength gains will start to taper in the 8th-week or so. And continue to decrease as you go off cycle but with regular exercise you will be able to maintain.

Fat Loss from Anavar anavar before and after

Anavar is not a fat burner. However, it will help you retain muscle when you are on a cut. But the muscle dryness and vascularity do make you appear a lot leaner. Anavar can actually be a very good steroid for helping those lose weight and it is arguably the safest steroid on the market, It speeds up you metabolism, therefore, helping you shed the pounds. 

More About Anavar

Anavar may not be one of the strongest steroids out there but don’t be mistaken, it still packs a mean punch, It is the perfect place to start with anyone who is trying them for the first or second time and you will notice results. You can try Anavar here.

While on a cutting cycle, you want a steroid that can maintain muscle mass and strength and anavar offers exactly that. Bodybuilders and athletes who have used wet steroids during a cutting cycle and want to achieve muscle hardness thereafter may still use anavar effectively. 

No Aromatization

For one, users of anavar will tell you that it does not aromatize. This means that the anabolic steroid does not convert to estrogen in the body unlike other anabolic steroids. Estrogen is responsible for change in behavior in addition to gynecomastia. For this reason, with safe usage of anavar, you are sure of no mood swings or enlargement of the breast. In fact, lack of aromatization is the most appealing of all anavar benefits.

It boosts fat burning process

Weight loss only happens when fat levels reduce in the body. While anavar may not reduce fat in the body directly, it certainly speeds up fat burning process. Fitness enthusiasts who want to achieve a well-toned, ripped and vascular body, anavar is for them. When anavar steroid is used in the right doses combined with a balanced diet, coupled with workouts, metabolism improves and hence fat is reduced. Well the bottom-line is that you still maintain steady lean muscle mass.


One of the incredible anavar benefits is the ability to retain nitrogen and boost metabolism of sugar. This translates to increased strength especially when correct doses of a maximum of 100 mg and at least 50 mg daily. More nitrogen in the muscle means longer workout hours and increased strength because of high rate of food metabolism.

Anavar Delivers Solid gains over time oxandrolone

Anavar compound does not cause water retention unlike other anabolic steroids. This the main reason why bodybuilders may gain a maximum of 10 pounds over 12 weeks with anavar only. With other steroids, athletes may gain up to 25 pounds over the same period due to water retention but they lose much when they stop using the steroid. Over a long period, anavar gives solid results with lean muscle mass and a toned look.

These are a few but major benefits of anavar. With a good diet, regular exercises and correct usage of anavar guarantees safety and effectiveness.

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